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"No enemy is worse than bad advice."



Are you getting the best insurance advice?

An oversight in paperwork? A misunderstanding about what you’re covered for? Gaping loophole in your policy? Costs can be higher than you imagine on the other side of tragedy. At Rees-Thomas Financial Services we tailor your insurance planning to your journey and your circumstances, ensuring it is well-priced, market-leading, and well-equipped to care for you, your family, or your business. It’s your future.


Can we help you?

No insurance?

Let us do an assessment and make some tailored recommendations — absolutely free.

Got insurance?

If you already have insurance that’s great, but let us provide you with a full assessment so we can dig out that bad advice, show you what’s what and make your policies go further.


We’ll also give you the best insurance advice for your small-to-medium business, including key person, group plans and cover for share purchase agreements. Again, we’ll tailor it all the way.


How we're different

RTFS is not a run-of-the-mill insurance advisor. We’re different in ways that will make your experience clearer and easier. We love what we do and it’s not just about improving it for you the client – we want to improve the entire industry.

Say goodbye to paper

We fully embrace technology here at RTFS and are 100% paperless. No more printing out massive reports or handwritten application forms. Our entire office consists of a few small devices and easy to use digital documentation. Have you ever signed on the digital dotted line? You’ll love it.


Meeting your way

In your favourite cafe? Over the phone? Across the road from your work? Via Skype? At your office? You make the call. The coffee's on us, wherever, whenever, however.

We have got your back

It’s not just about set-up – we’ll be with you all the way. When you make an insurance claim, or if you just have a quick question about the process, you will have our direct line and we will be ready to assist you through the process. Once we've got your back, we always will.


What our clients say

Samuel has been amazing when it comes to my insurance needs. He’s gone over and above what I’d expect and I can now rest easy knowing that I have a comprehensible plan that Samuel has set for me . . .
— Jay Maaka, Accountant
Samuel’s uncomplicated way of explaining the ins and outs of insurance made it an easy and informed decision to get covered with insurance that I feel great about having. Thanks Sam for getting me sorted!
— Luke Crawford, Owner Operator, Neo Cafe & Eatery


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